Infrastructure management

Our competencies cover all fixed and wireless network technologies.
In this context we provide the following services:

  • Infrastructure Build-up Project
  • Telecommunications Support Services
  • Telecommunications / Network Rollout
  • Installation, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support/Technical Support

We support the Infrastructure and Telecommunications systems of our client Petroleum Development Oman LLC.

The infrastructure and telecommunications support division of our company carries out the support services at PDO. The team of 100+ professionals consists of Project Managers, Project Engineers, Network/security/Telecom Engineers, Technicians, Documentation team, Data analysis team and General Installation workers.
The team supports PDO’s telecommunication centers in MAF, as well as in Fahud, Yibal, Lekhwair, Qarn Alam, Bahja, Nimr, Harweel and Marmul. Fahud and MArmul are regional head quarters.

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Key Activities:

  • Supporting Telephone Exchange (ISDX and AVAYA)
  • Developing and maintaining the IT cable plant infrastructure
  • Installing and Commissioning Fibre Optic links Installation & Maintenance of Microwave Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance of Solar Systems and batteries
  • Installation of Mobile Unit communications (for Rigs)
  • IP Telephony Support
  • Tower jobs and antenna installations
  • Preventive Maintenance of Telecom Stations
  • Site Surveys
  • Technical Support on data networks - Cisco technology
  • Construction of Manholes and Duct installation
  • IT Support

The support infrastructure consists of Digital Microwave Radio Systems, Avaya IPT systems (approx 10000 lines), OD and PCD Networks: supporting over 10000 devices, Process Control for Stations and wells, WiMAX Network, TETRA Radio System, pager services, Air to Ground and Marine Communication Systems and VSAT Services.

The support services consist of the following key activities.
Maintenance of Telecom Stations and Cable plants. The team carries out the following activities as part of this service.

where the team carries out extensive site surveys and gather necessary data and details, develops Scope of Work, BoM, produce standard drawings in latest AutoCAD format and store in the DMS.

As part of this service, the team executes infrastructure projects in the Coast and Interior locations of PDO. The leader of the Projects team manages the installation team to complete the work on project schedule.

Globcom is having a fully equipped FOC team who have completed the installation and commissioning of hundreds of Kms of FOC infrastructure in various Oil and Gas facilities. The team is equipped with state of the art Fusion splicing tools and testing tools manufactured by Fujikura and EXFO. The team carries out the route survey, installation (direct buried, installation in HDPE ducts), testing and commissioning of SM/MM FOC

The team of network engineers performs the deployments, configurations, testing, troubleshooting and integrations of Cisco networking components such as Virtual Access switches, Physical access switches, Distribution switches Access Point , Routers, Firewall, IPCC, Edge network components as well as Network management system (such as SolarWind, DCNM, ACS, Cisco works)

The installation team, carries out the installation and commissioning of various equipments such as Servers, Desktops, IP and analogue phones devices, Data Network connectivity over existing LAN as well as ADSL infrastructure., Video Conference equipments, Mobile Radio (TETRA) and GPS services in vehicles and some Desktop radios in fixed areas, including Ground to Air Radios., PA systems, LCD Projectors, LED/LCD screens and Thuraya sets, any new Satellite Communication Systems in Vehicles and fixed facilities including docking units.

These services deliver the installation and commissioning of active data and voice devices. The installations of Cabling services consists of 2 pair telephone cabling, UTP/STP data cabling, multi pair (up to 600 pairs) telephone cabling, installation of the active devices and migration/commissioning and performance tests.

This service involves rigging up of antennas, feeders and Hilo masts; and the installation and removal of tower light systems. The activities also involve climbing of self-supporting towers and guyed (secured by rope, code, cable, etc) masts of different heights up to 100 Metres.

The team carries out the Installation of new wet or dry Battery Banks and removal of old ones, Disposal of wet and dry battery banks and acid and Commissioning and decommissioning of AC/DC cables. The activities are carries out strictly complying to the environmental standards governing the installation and disposal of the lead acid battery systems.

This service remotely operates, manages and configures transmission and data networks using network management systems from MAF Network Operation Centre (NOC). Also it manages and escalates NOC detected incidents and alarms to appropriate teams by using incident management tools including Service Manager.