We would like to take this opportunity and appreciation and praise for the sincere provided by Sultanate of Oman, where allow for development of scientific, technical and professional capabilities and provide employment opportunities to participate in development efforts and to support the construction and development, progress and prosperity march to translate visions wise and prudent and attention that efforts His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God bless him to increase the national employment in all activities and fields of action to achieve the greatness of this nation and elevate it to the level of glory.

We are pleased to inform you that GLOBAL Computer Services is an Omani company in the field of information technology, the company has many years of work and experience in the various areas where the company was established in 1998, and we working to develop the company's business both in the field of information or other technical services.

It is the ownership of the company's hand, it is purely an Omani company owned and managed by Omanis have long experience in the local business environment in general and information technology in particular. The company follows since its inception Omanisation ambitious policy where it has succeeded in achieving the Omanisation ratio reached 57%.