The best in Oman

Globcom is the largest and most experienced IT Managed Services provider in Oman with over 10 years of successful operations most of them meeting or exceeding the KPIs set by customers.

The people

We have over 200 highly skilled and experienced support staff and 98% of whom are Omanis. The staff are rigorously trained in both technical and soft skills. They have been exposed to most complex IT environments and highly demanding customers. They have worked in SLA based contracts with very aggressive KPIs.

   The Service portfolio

   Globcom has built competencies and experienced in the provision of Managed   Services in the following areas:

  • We invest a great deal of effort in understanding the customer’s business including Vision, Critical processes, Priorities and Pain areas.
  • Our staff are rigorously trained technically, on-the-job and on soft skills.
  • SAP, Oracle and other ERPs.
  • Corporate networks.
  • Telecommunication systems for data, voice and mobile radio.
  • Information security.

How we do it?

We are very successful in the provision of managed services because of the following reasons:

  • End-user hardware [PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones, etc] and software [OS, Office, Email, etc].
  • Corporate applications support, both off-the-shelf and in-house developed.
  • We build a performance base work culture and a significant part of staff salaries is an incentive based on personal and team performance.
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